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From the distillers who brought us Hendrick’s beloved cucumber and rose gin have now taken gin in an altogether new direction by infusing flavors that are traditionally associated with classic gin libations to create Hendrick's Orbium

Created by Master Distiller, Lesley Gracie, Orbium certainly stands out and looks rather medicinal in style ( think Victorian glass bottles) thanks to its dark blue bottle and mint green labeling. The key ingredients are unusual, too. They include extracts of quinine, the bitter compound used in tonic water, plus wormwood, more commonly found in vermouth and absinthe. Lastly, blue lotus blossom has been added to balance the overall flavor, but,combining this trinity of essences together creates a complex gin with surprising brightness and a finish that is uncommonly long.

The result is an unfamiliar taste that is oddly familiar in character designed to open up previously unexplored dimensions of gin as It spirals from floral into an altogether deeper and alluringly bitter place.

It is almost certainly not for everyone interested you’ll have to get in there quickly, as only 4,000 bottles have been released, and initially only available in select bars in the UK.


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