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Graff have unveiled two new expressions of their artistic, highly complicated GyroGraff's with two watches dedicated to China’s most historic structures – the Great Wall of China and the Temple of Heaven.

The Great Wall of China one of just a handful of monuments that can be viewed from space can be traced back to the 7th century BC. The wall is the longest building on Earth and was originally erected as a defense against invasion.

Graff’s artisans have painstakingly created three-dimensional, almost lifelike pieces of art that take up to 100 hours to create.

The dial of the GryoGraff Great Wall of China has four layers, starting with a background made of aventurine, creating the look of a starry sky.

The second forms the towers and walls, made from a hand-engraved gold mount. The third is the green forest, made of finely-hammered gold, and also miniature painted.

The fourth is the paved area of the wall that climbs up the dial.

The Temple of Heaven which is situated in the Chinese capital of Beijing is one of China’s most important temples. The watch dial represents the temple’s Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, a triple-gabled building standing 38 metres high.

Likewise, the GryoGraff Temple of Heaven is comprised of four layers also starting with an aventurine background.

The second layer depicts the temple and has several parts. The main part is a three-dimensional gold piece finished with miniature painting. The summit of the building and the frame around the baguette diamond are solid yellow gold. The base of the building features gold-painted detailing.

Finally, the three tiers are close-set with rows of baguette-cut diamonds. The third and fourth layers make up the engraved stairs and brick wall, which are miniature painted.

Both pieces have 48mm rose-gold cases decorated with invisible mosaic-set baguette-cut diamonds, and each watch comes on a black alligator strap with a diamond-set deployment clasp buckle.

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