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If you’re carrying our renovations works then thoughts will eventually turn to what kind of glazed doors you should install. Modern glazed doors, whether they be bi-folds or sliding, are one of the most sought after features in today’s homes and make a dramatic statement that not only helps to bathe the interiors in natural light but completely transforms an existing space as well as helping to connect the garden with the rest of the home.

Choosing the right bi-fold or sliding doors for your house is an important decision, both are practical and stylish and come heaped with pro’s and con’s here we help you access which door best suits your home and renovation project.

Bi-fold Doors

The biggest advantage of bi-fold doors which are also known as folding-sliding doors is their ability to create a complete opening filling a whole wall, merging the outside area seamlessly with the inside.

When folded the open panels which have a maximum panel width of 1100mm, with an overall opening width of 25m concertina neatly together at the end of a track. Tracks are offered in two choices as a flush or weathered track. Flush tracks as the name suggests are level tracks between the outside and inside, while weathered tracks offer enhanced protection from the elements and are perfect for exposed locations and where you require a step down to the outside.

The disadvantage of bi-folding doors is the appearance of the doors when shut. Depending upon on the number of panels used when closed the frames of each window panel will be visible minimising your view. It is worth considering how often the doors will be completely open compared to closed when choosing this option.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are often the choice of glazing when the external view of the property and interior view from inside the property are a major factor. The advantage of sliding doors is that they provide wide panels in aluminium that can be 2,500mm wide and 1,500mm wide.

These wide panels with large expanses of glass that are opened by moving the panels behind one another, sliding doors don’t allow for a complete opening like bi-fold doors, but the seamless style without frames makes this type of glazing the choice for those who want a modern contemporary look.


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