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From e-cigarettes and oral pouches to stylish cannabis cigarettes the next generation of nicotine infused products have never been more interesting..

If smoking is a part of your routine, then we have good news for you. Bloomberg reports that the global tobacco market is projected to rise from $782 billion in 2021 to $907 billion in 2028. That’s a year-over-year growth rate of 2.2%. This means that there’s a growing market for nicotine-infused products to choose from.

However, even despite the huge size of the tobacco market, not all of the products that you’ll encounter will truly fit the bill when it comes to living out a luxurious lifestyle. Fortunately for you, with the next generation of tobacco and nicotine products coming, luxury options are expanding to suit a broader range of tastes. So, here are three products that you can try to fit your style.

IQOS’ heated e-cigarettes

Vapes and other cigarette alternatives can be too alienating for some smokers who take comfort in the act itself. With modern battery-powered heated tobacco products — sometimes called heat-not-burn — you can keep up your habit without needing to put up with the harmful effects of inhaling combusted products. Among the most popular of these next-generation tobacco products is IQOS.

It comes with a charger, the device itself, and Heatsticks — the disposable mini-cigarettes that are sold in packs of 20 (and come in a variety of flavors too). IQOS applies heat to a cigarette-like tube of tobacco to create a visible vapor. This lets you replicate the sensation of smoking with a sleek, stylish device that leaves you healthier than your traditional cigarettes.

Rogue’s nicotine pouches

If you want style, then nothing is more stylish than discretion. Nicotine pouches are a novel spin on nicotine alternatives. They’re small bags of clean nicotine that are tiny enough to be tucked under your lip and take about 20 to 30 minutes before you feel the nicotine kick in. Nicotine pouch retailer Prilla stocks the very popular Rogue pouches and they come in 3mg-6mg variations that can help curb nicotine cravings. There’s also sugar-free — if that’s something that you prefer when looking for nicotine alternatives.

Either way, the great thing about Rogue’s nicotine pouches is their unmatched discretion, which allows you to enjoy the products at any time. They are also odorless and don’t leave any stains, unlike smoking and other nicotine pouch brands.

M Missoni’s cannabis cigarettes

Now here’s a unique spin on a familiar product. Luxury Italian fashion brand M Missoni has teamed up with LA-based, sustainability-focused cannabis brand Pure Beauty to produce cannabis cigarettes. Adorned with M Missoni’s signature zig-zag motif and displaying its logo, this collaboration with Pure Beauty is the first of its kind. When it comes to the smoking experience, nothing gets more luxurious than this.

Now, cannabis doesn’t quite contain nicotine, but it also contains similar calming properties. To be precise, cannabis can help reduce feelings of anxiety, stress, and irritability. It’s also legal for recreational use in 11 American states, and if you’re currently in one of them, then these cannabis cigarettes are definitely worth a try.

Living it up can be easy with these three products that let you smoke in style. If you’re looking for the best luxury products to incorporate into your daily life, then trying these out will leave you greatly satisfied.


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