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Marbella's number one eatery BREATHE is a multifaceted gastronomic concept that fuses healthy food, integrated designs and care for the environment into perfect harmony...

With our planet’s population constantly growing, technology leaping forward, and the issues of life quality and healthy choices being brought up on a daily basis, people have to make informed and good decisions regarding everything they do. This is especially the case with nourishing bodies with high quality and healthy food. Moreover, supporting a sustainable business while doing so is an extremely conscientious choice because of all the climate change, resource scarcity and general good ethics. The esteemed experts of Luxury Lifestyle Awards are immensely happy to recommend a business that meets all of those criteria, and announce that BREATHE became the winner in the category of The Best Luxury Restaurant in Marbella, Spain.

BREATHE is far more than just a restaurant or a bar in Marbella. It is a multifaceted gastronomic concept that fuses healthy food, integrated designs and care for the environment into perfect harmony.

All good endeavors have one thing in common a solid foundation called quality. At BREATHE, quality always comes first and is never compromised on. The business owners call their gastronomy “fresh-thinking”, meaning their guests enjoy quality food and drinks, prepared right there from the best seasonal and local produce, sourced from the nearby farms and local producers. BREATHE offers gorgeously healthy and innovative fresh food across three venues, friendly service, great bars and a stylish yet comfortable ambience – combining modern urban architecture with a large dose of natural elements – represented by fire, earth, air & water – to create energising spaces to be enjoyed and experiences to be savoured

To help planet Earth, the owners of BREATHE, invested in their own geothermal energy plant, completely eliminated the use of single-use plastics, and made sure that their ceiling and walls… absorb carbon and produce oxygen. Yes, the “vertical gardens” were designed not only for pure aesthetic enjoyment, but with a useful mission in mind. The gardens are partially irrigated using captured and recycled rainwater, which, along with hydro-fertilizers, reduces the need to draw water by around 50-80%.

It looks like BREATHE cannot become any more perfect, but there it goes: they have their own farm in Alhaurín, where they grow a lot of the vegetables and fruit used in the restaurant.

BREATHE holds many versatile events throughout the year, and those will satisfy all sorts of interests. From trademark themed events where you will be delighted by amazing food, signature cocktails, music by our resident DJ So&So and world-class entertainment to corporate or private events. They have the facilities and staff to make your wedding or another special moment unforgettable. If you like health, nature, and beauty, you have found the perfect place. BREATHE is one of the first places of hospitality in Spain that focuses on a green and durable concept. In collaboration with Carbon Free Dining and with the help of their loyal clientele they have now planted more than 20000 trees  combating Climate change, Poverty and Deforestation.

With BREATHE, eating out or going for drinks in Marbella moves to a completely different level. The “trendy chic” concept stops being about overpaying or feeling uneasy in a cold, judgmental setting. Instead, it means enjoying amazing gastronomy and excellent service in a stylish, yet friendly and relaxed ambience.

Images provided courtesy of Luxury Lifestyle Awards


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