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Luxury lifestyle brand The Quintessential Yachtsman has announced their new line of premium consumables, Yacht Life Brands, with the launch of their flagship product Yacht Life Vodka ...

This prestigious vodka was featured at private events at the Discover Boating Miami International Boat Show (February 15-19, 2023).

A Taste of the Good Life

Yacht Life Vodka (YLV) is an aspirational brand conceptualized by a team with over 50 years of combined experience in the luxury yachting industry. The brand brings to life the world of yachting - a day lounging on the sun deck of a yacht in Saint Bart, a bespoke designed salon overlooking exotic seas, cocktails in the sky lounge, a five-course chef curated dining experience with views of faraway lands, and awakening to new exotic sights each day. This is “A Taste of the Good Life”.

Yacht Life Vodka is made from water and the finest American wheat, distilled in a pure copper still a minimum of 17 times, then carbon filtered to remove impurities, resulting in a sophisticated vodka with a smooth, creamy taste and finish,and all-natural ingredients. Yacht Life Vodka proves simplicity is a keystone of luxury.

Immerse Yourself in the World of Yachting

Yacht Life Vodka is presented in a custom screen printed bottle with a unique square design developed with the thought of having minimum air space when storing and stocking the bottles aboard a yacht. The bottle is a true piece of art, depicting a stylistic yacht cutting through a wave on deep blue water, with an artistic expression of condensation on an ice cold bottle, sure to entice one to pour a drink after a day of relaxing in the sun, swimming in turquoise waters and exploring exclusive locales.

Another exciting aspect of Yacht Life Vodka is the scannable QR code that provides consumers a portal into the exclusive, behind-the-scenes world of yachting with photos, videos, cocktail recipes, dish pairings straight from the galley, information on yachting destinations around the world and more that will bring you behind the scenes of yacht design, yachting excursions and the intricate and elegant world of on-the-water luxury living.

“Yacht Life Vodka is not just a luxury spirit, it is evocative of a lifestyle and an exclusive community,” said Emily Taffel-Cohen, marketing director for The Quintessential Yachtsman. “All of the Yacht Life Brand products are made with a discerning client in mind, and YLV is the first of many premium consumables to come. We know it is going to become a must-have within the yachting community and with yachting enthusiasts.”

Cheers to Charitable Giving

As the Quintessential Yachtsman brand was born through a love of the sea, they are proudly committed to conserving the world’s oceans. For every bottle of Yacht Life Vodka sold, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to ocean conservation charities focused on preserving our oceans for future generations.

Drink for a good cause, immerse yourself in the world of yachting and enjoy a taste of the good life with Yacht Life Vodka.

Where to Purchase

Yacht Life Brands, LLC, which manages sales and marketing for Yacht Life Vodka, has developed partnerships to fulfill both consumer and yacht provisioning needs. The brand will work with provisioning company Yacht Chandlers to distribute the Yacht Life Vodka brand to yachts and ports of call internationally, and they have partnered with Park Street for national distribution across the United States.

Bottled at 40% ABV, Yacht Life Vodka can be purchased online at and select luxury retailers for a suggested retail price of $100.

The company will announce more retail locations online at as production and distribution increase.


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